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The following is intended to provide a glimpse of the early city of Brainerd, its surrounds, its earliest resorts and its prospects for the future as seen by the observers of the day. Nelson NOTE: There are many accounts provided in this page.

However, the Table of Contents displays only the accounts of some significant historical importance.

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in Brainerd page The New Town of Brainard [sic]—Graphic Description of the Place.

In order to view the other accounts, it is necessary to scroll through the page.

1870 Ogemaqua 1870 The New Town of Brainerd—Graphic Description of the Place 1872 Brainerd According to the Brainerd Tribune 1872 Pete Bannigan in Brainerd 1872 Ellen Mc Arthur Disappeared and Indians Lynched 1872 The Bear 1872 Cronk Beer 1872 Cass County is Born 1872 Steamer Pokegama—Excursion Party 1872 Oh, to Return to the Past!

And it really is wonderful to see the amount of goods of all descriptions going up somewhere, and the number of teams going both ways.

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One cannot travel a mile without meeting or passing many.

Kindred Prepares to Run for Congress 1882 Will Go Over the Road 1882 Busy Builders 1882 Clean Up the City 1882 Mysterious Burglary 1882 Northern Minnesota 1882 Trouble in Hartley’s Hall 1882 Real Estate Boom 1882 Charles F. Knute Nelson in the Fifth Congressional District Election 1882 As I Remember, Dr. Parker Carnival 1907 County Officials in Early Days Were Foxy Boys 1907 Two Very Bad Storms, Miracle Block Badly Damaged 1907 The Beginnings of Brainerd 1907 Year Was a Prosperous One 1908 Brainerd, Coming City of Central Minnesota 1908 Four Days of Street Carnival 1909 The Storm is Unprecedented 1910 Old Days at Crow Wing 1910 New Phones Now in Commission 1910 The Momentous Saloon Question 1910 Deerwood to Brainerd 1910 More Illumination 1910 Young Girl Disappears 1910 Horse Stolen Sunday Night 1910 Mrs. crossed the Mississippi, and located the line for good; named the new town that is to be “O-ge-ma-qua” [sic], [Ogamagua] and steamed down to this place by dinner time, and then back to Sauk Rapids the same day. Two hotels have begun at O-ge-ma-qua [sic] [Ogamagua] [Brainerd], of which being translated, means “Big man’s woman,” otherwise Queen) for one of which the proprietor has already expended twenty dollars in the purchase of lumber alone. Four visual organs of purplish-black, two incarnadine nasal extremities and handfuls of long and short black hair, irregularly mixed, bear witness to the struggle.

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