Keone madrid mari martin dating

19-Jul-2017 02:35

Question: What is your first impression of Se7en when you met him in person? I knew he hadn’t come out in a long time so I had to do something right for HIM. Mari : Keone and I got to get acquainted with Se7en the most.

He is super cool, a great person who is very seasoned in what he does.

They put a sprinkle of fresh takes in all of their performances, and the urban dance styling they mastered is nothing short of amazing!

When she turned 17, she moved to San Francisco to join Funkanometry SF, a dance company.

When she was 23 years old, destiny brought her to dance for Choreo Cookies, where Keone was a director.

They showcased their unusual style of dancing in the video which made people a fan of urban dance, and left fans wanting more.

Since being together, Keone and Mari started posting on the Youtube channel, Keone and the competition: The divisional finals saw nothing less than a war, and all the dancers had come with ammo fully loaded!

The couple got married after dating for one month and Mari that “From the beginning, Keone and I always knew we wanted to marry each other.