Failure to launch dating steps

12-Jul-2018 03:26

United States Cyber Command, known as Cybercom, was given a huge funding increase to create 27 “Combat Mission Teams” to attack enemy computers.

Other medium-range North Korean rockets crashed and burned earlier this month and in March.

By Richard Kemp, retired British Army Colonel I DON’T think this will amount to anything at all. No since most experts believe it wouldn’t survive a revenge strike by the more powerful US. The US could make a pre-emptive strike on North missiles.

North Korea knows it cannot possibly survive an attack by them against either the US or its allies. Defence analyst Lance Gatling said North Korea is vulnerable to cyber attacks because its scientists are incapable of producing their own electronic hardware.

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Yesterday’s debacle came a day after grinning Kim showed off missiles and military hardware and thousands of goose-stepping troops at a vast military parade in his capital Pyongyang.

Both the strikes he ordered were legitimate and proportionate, and sent a message around the world that you do not mess with America anymore.

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