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08-May-2018 00:24

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But unlike its competitors, the messaging tool includes a reminder to "leave a constructive message :)" -- which the company hopes will encourage positivity.

The app, with a name that means "honesty" in Arabic, was originally intended as a way for corporate employees to offer constructive feedback on their managers' performance — kind of like a suggestions box.

Users could divulge "secret" stories as text over photos. In 2014, reports said Secret posts weren't entirely anonymous.

The app rushed to fix the privacy error but failed to control another major issue: cyberbullying.

"But now, we're getting close -- day by day -- to 1 billion messages sent." Other social media networks have struggled to combat cyberbullying.

Under pressure from advocates and users, Twitter has pledged to crack down on harassment.

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Sarahah, which launched in Saudi Arabia in November 2016, invites members to leave anonymous messages on other users' profiles.Before the app shut down in 2015, tech blogs and anti-harassment groups criticized Secret, and a Brazilian court even ordered Apple and Google to remove the app from its app stores.